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welcome to:

Sammamish Hot Yoga

the  next generation of  hot yoga


Located east of downtown Redmond

across from the Redmond Whole Foods and 520




Revitalize, Re-energize and  Re-organize at

Sammamish Hot Yoga in  Redmond Washington

Your practice will blossom in our large, clean and modern practice room (with a spacious 11-foot ceiling, anti-bacterial flooring, state-of the art heating and ventilation system) under the eyes of our experienced and friendly instructors.  We are conveniently located on your way to & from work and we offer a full day class schedule.

Come and practice with us!



"... it is never too late to begin

the practice of this yoga system,

for it helps to rebuild the body,

reenergize the mind,

 revive lost youth, beauty and strength,

make youth last longer and

 repair the damage silently done by

wrong methods of living, and

by disobedience of nature's simple laws;

body and mind are so closely related that

if one is healthy,

the other must also be so."

                                                                      ~Buddha Bose




18047 NE 68th St. B-102, Redmond, WA 98052

(p) 206-369-5599